Sengata Sunae is the huge sand painting modeled on the Kanei coin in Kanonji-shi, Kagawa. It’s said that they made it a night and was made to welcome Takatoshi Ikoma of Marugame seigneur in 1633.

I have an ellipse of 345 meters of 122 meters of length and around 90 meters of side. When it’s seen from an observatory in a koto bullet park mountain top, it’s seen as perfect circle. It’ll be lit up at night. It was also a title back of a television program “Zenigata Heiji”. Many people can tell when seeing this Sengata, they live long healthily, and moreover not to want for money any more, and visit this place.

Address: Ariakecho, Kanonji-shi, Kagawa (GoogleMap)

Zenigata Sunae

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Zenigata Sunae 34.134137, 133.642274 Zenigata Sunae


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Kotohira-gu: 34.183971, 133.809427
Ritsurin Garden: 34.330468, 134.044411
Marugame Castle: 34.286287, 133.800097
Sanuki Udon - Yamagoe Udon: 34.225592, 133.928390
Shodoshima Angel Road: 34.477717, 134.188657
Chichu Art Museum: 34.449936, 133.986012
Takamatsu Castle Ruins: 34.350161, 134.051163
Zenigata Sunae: 34.134137, 133.642274
Sanuki Mannou National Government Park: 34.169107, 133.879485