Yomogi Mochi (Mugwort rice dumpling) is one kind of Japanese confections. It’s also called “Kusa Dango”. I have the refreshing scent peculiar to a bud of mugwort. That’s valued highly and a Japanese confection in spring is represented, but it’s one.

Nakatani-do is Nara-shi, Nara, it’s in “Nara Moichido center district”. It’s famous for the “high-speed rice-cake making” which thrusts with a mallet and also does resistance twice per second. It’s introduced on a television and many tourists are forming a line every day. A domestic production and the mugwort rice cake which is particular and has just arrived without additives are famous. It’s also most suitable to eat while taking a walk.


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Nakatanido 34.681940, 135.828926 Nakatanido


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Todai-Ji: 34.688985, 135.839816
Nara Park: 34.685035, 135.843016
Horyu-ji: 34.611362, 135.736065
Kasuga-taisha: 34.681380, 135.848386
Mount Yoshino: 34.360399, 135.866973
Nakatanido: 34.681940, 135.828926
Yakushi-ji: 34.668004, 135.784289
Kakinoha Sushi - Hiraso: 34.393993, 135.858785
Himuro-jinja: 34.684415, 135.837876
Kashihara-jingu: 34.487523, 135.787179