Sanuki noodles are the noodles made in Kagawa-ken. There is generally a lower back and you say that I’d like one over the throat. 100 yen for one serving of stand is enjoying as an easy meal in Kagawa-ken in particular, and is also offered cheaply as eating out. Sanuki noodles were spread in a various part of Japan by self chain store development of noodles to metropolitan area after 2002.

“Yamakoshi Udon” is in Ayakawa town located in the center of Kagawa. 60 years have passed since the business was started in the place where good water gushes richly.

That it became famous nationwide, “Kamatama Udon”. The nonesuch menu which cracks egg, puts noodles on the container put in, hangs soy sauce and enjoys soft-boiled involvement. It’s the store where people beyond 2000 people gather in Saturday and a national holiday.

Address: Hayukakami 602-2, Ayagawa, Kagawa (GoogleMap)


Sanuki Udon - Yamagoe Udon

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Sanuki Udon - Yamagoe Udon 34.225592, 133.928390 Sanuki Udon - Yamagoe Udon


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Kotohira-gu: 34.183971, 133.809427
Ritsurin Garden: 34.330468, 134.044411
Marugame Castle: 34.286287, 133.800097
Sanuki Udon - Yamagoe Udon: 34.225592, 133.928390
Shodoshima Angel Road: 34.477717, 134.188657
Chichu Art Museum: 34.449936, 133.986012
Takamatsu Castle Ruins: 34.350161, 134.051163
Zenigata Sunae: 34.134137, 133.642274
Sanuki Mannou National Government Park: 34.169107, 133.879485