The botanical garden where Ushimado Olive Garden is in Setouchi-shi, Okayama Ushimado. The lot area is about 10 hectares and about about 2000 olive trees are growing it.

A white pretty olive flower colors in the park at the beginning of June. A harvest home is performed in around November from October when a green fruit is put, and a profit experience can be done. There is a stand Ushimado olive shop where the observatory which can be looked around 360 times is possessed at the same time in a mountain top, and you can do your shopping of an olive product.

Address: Ushimadocho 412-1, Setouchi-shi, Okayama (GoogleMap)

Ushimado Olive Garden

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Ushimado Olive Garden 34.624486, 134.156029 Ushimado Olive Garden


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Koraku-en: 34.669614, 133.933906
Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter: 34.595827, 133.771774
Bara Zushi - Azumazushi: 34.656905, 133.929204
Old Shizutani school: 34.796984, 134.218194
Shuraku-en: 35.071728, 134.006097
Saidai-ji: 34.653615, 134.038053
Ushimado Olive Garden: 34.624486, 134.156029
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle: 34.809079, 133.622312