Todai-ji is the temple in Zoshicho, Nara-shi, Nara.

The temple where the Emperor Shomu did and built national power in the 8th century. The famous Rushanabutsu is also made a principal image worldwide. It’s the temple where I have had a great influence on Japanese culture as a temple of “Odaibutsu-sani”.

Nandaimon, daibutsuden, Shurou, Hokkedou, Nigatsudou and Tengaimon are interspersed among a vast precinct. A large number of structures including national treasure line up. Todai-ji is registered with the world’s cultural and natural heritage more than UNESCO in 1998.

Address: Zoshicho 406-1, Nara-shi, Nara (GoogleMap)


It’s a Kongourikishi stature to be installed in Nandaimon Gate. The present Nandaimon Gate sets up the framework in 1199 and it are the biggest temple gate in completed Japan as well as an enshrined Kongourikishi stature in 1203. The height of the Kongourikishi stature is 8.4 meters and is the wooden statue which is a big tree.


Todai-ji Great Buddha is the Buddhist image which is a principal image in Todai-ji Daibutuden. It’s generally learned about as Nara’s Great Buddha.


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Todai-Ji 34.688985, 135.839816 Todai-ji


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Todai-Ji: 34.688985, 135.839816
Nara Park: 34.685035, 135.843016
Horyu-ji: 34.611362, 135.736065
Kasuga-taisha: 34.681380, 135.848386
Mount Yoshino: 34.360399, 135.866973
Nakatanido: 34.681940, 135.828926
Yakushi-ji: 34.668004, 135.784289
Kakinoha Sushi - Hiraso: 34.393993, 135.858785
Himuro-jinja: 34.684415, 135.837876
Kashihara-jingu: 34.487523, 135.787179