Tetsujin Nijuhachi-go (Iron man No.28) is the name of the robot of an animation of Mitsuteru Yokoyama original work. There are a lot of persistent fans by a cartoon in around 1956 and a movie of special effects.

Tetsujin Nijuhachi-go Monument has completed a monument in Wakamatsu park on the JR Shinnagata station south side of Nagata-ku. Mitsuteru Yokoyama was from Kobe-shi, and it was said that it was closely connected in Shin-nagata and it was made. The height is 18m.

A local shopping area took the leading part, and a started NPO corporation “Kobe Tetsujin Project” was made as a symbol of earthquake disaster reconstruction and area activation.


Tetsujin Nijuhachi-go Monument

Tetsujin Nijuhachi-go Monument

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Tetsujin Nijuhachi-go Monument 34.655583, 135.143954


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Himeji Castle: 34.839449, 134.693905
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge: 34.617468, 135.021675
Kobe Nankin-machi: 34.687906, 135.188307
Tetsujin Nijuhachi-go Monument: 34.655583, 135.143954
Kobe Ijinkan: 34.701400, 135.189520
Takeda Castle Ruins: 35.300390, 134.828963
Ibonoito Museum: 34.891520, 134.566520
Arima Onsen: 34.797771, 135.247656
Shukugawa Park: 34.739415, 135.327891
Kobe Luminarie: 34.687735, 135.196220
Takarazuka Grand Theater: 34.807180, 135.346410