Takeda Castle Ruins

Tacked Castle Ruins is a Japanese castle which fits present Asago-shi, Hyogo Takeda. It was built in a mountain top in Kojousan of altitude 353.7m.

In 1443, Yamana Sozen bet and built years in 13. After that it was a castle of magnificent stone wall accumulation like now in around 1600. Ishigaki in about 100 m of east and west and about 400 m of north and south is left, and Japan is also called an Mountain’s Castle.

Because it’s overshadowed by river fog in Maruyama river, “Castle in the sky” and “Machu Picchu in Japan” are called. The scenery of the stone wall crowd of an old castle who appears in a sea of cloud involves a specialty.

Address: Wadayamacho Takeda, Asago-shi, Hyogo (GoogleMap)


Takeda Castle Ruins

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Takeda Castle Ruins 35.300390, 134.828963 Takeda Castle Ruins


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Himeji Castle: 34.839449, 134.693905
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge: 34.617468, 135.021675
Kobe Nankin-machi: 34.687906, 135.188307
Tetsujin Nijuhachi-go Monument: 34.655583, 135.143954
Kobe Ijinkan: 34.701400, 135.189520
Takeda Castle Ruins: 35.300390, 134.828963
Ibonoito Museum: 34.891520, 134.566520
Arima Onsen: 34.797771, 135.247656
Shukugawa Park: 34.739415, 135.327891
Kobe Luminarie: 34.687735, 135.196220
Takarazuka Grand Theater: 34.807180, 135.346410