Soma nomaoi is the Shinto ritual and the festival which run after the horse performed in the Fukushima-ken beach street north. In 1952, it’s designated as national important intangible folk cultural properties about a Shinto ritual.

It’s told with a first that Tairano Masakado said to be Soumauji’s ancestor in more than 1000 before set a pony free in Shimousa country, chose as an enemy and did military training. The promenade soldier of 500 yoki who has worn armor unrolls a picture scroll the heroic Age of Warring States by the gorgeousness which puts a battle banner on the lower back in a sword and the back and dashes.

Date: 3 days from July last Saturday to Monday

Address (Hibarigahara Saijo): Haramachiku Gorai, Minamisoma-shi, Fukushima (GoogleMap)

Soma Nomaoi

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Soma Nomaoi 37.624565, 140.958924 Soma Nomaoi


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The weeping cherry – Miharu Takizakura: 37.407694, 140.500061
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Kitakata ramen - Bannai Shokudo: 37.651069, 139.873428
Soma Nomaoi: 37.624565, 140.958924
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