Seihakusai is the splendid festival held from May 3 to the 5th every year in Ootokonushi-jinja in Nanao-shi, Ishikawa. It’s also called an another name “Deka – yama”. There is this name from the ceremony which heaps an ambrosia on a leaf of blue oak and prepares, and it’s begun in 1473. It’s also designated as Japanese important intangible folk cultural properties.

3 floats about 12m of height, about 13m of width and about 20t of responsibility are also parade in the small town respectively. The interesting place where the turn of the float called “street turning” is powerful and biggest. Local tourist as well as person can participate in a hikiyama, too.

Date: From May 3 to May 5

Address (Ootokonushi-jinja): Sannomachi 1-13, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa (GoogleMap)


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Ootokonushi-jinja 37.042549, 136.971568 Seihakusai


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Kenroku-en: 36.562128, 136.662651
Kanazawa Station: 36.578273, 136.647763
Ayatorihashi: 36.245459, 136.375753
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa: 36.560873, 136.658191
The weeping cherry - the house of Kita: 36.713806, 136.724866
Wajima Asaichi: 37.396595, 136.901737
Notodon - Wajima Shinpuku: 37.393416, 136.908429
Higashi Chaya district: 36.572604, 136.666472
Chirihama Nagisa Driveway: 36.893481, 136.766280
Ootokonushi-jinja: 37.042549, 136.971568