Saidaiji Eyo is the festival performed at Saidaiji in Okayama-shi, Okayama Higashi-ku. It’s also called an another name “naked festival”. It’s held on 3rd Saturday of February every year, and it’s said to be one of Japanese three big unique festivals.

A nude male servant of the form will turn it at night of the meeting positive day, and gathers with a shout. After visiting a nude palladium, I pass through four pillar in main hall west and go to the main hall. Takaragi of 2 pairs drops 1 bottle over male servant’s nude head from a window of blessings of the main hall. And the person who has had Hoki in his hand and has arrived by the first outside the Deva gate will be Hukuo of its year. When not doing a tattoo and drinking by a man beyond a junior high school student, everyone can participate.

Date: 3rd Saturday of February

Address (Saidai-ji): Saidaijinaka 3-8-8, Higashi-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama (GoogleMap)


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Saidai-ji 34.653615, 134.038053 Saidai-ji Eyo


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Koraku-en: 34.669614, 133.933906
Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter: 34.595827, 133.771774
Bara Zushi - Azumazushi: 34.656905, 133.929204
Old Shizutani school: 34.796984, 134.218194
Shuraku-en: 35.071728, 134.006097
Saidai-ji: 34.653615, 134.038053
Ushimado Olive Garden: 34.624486, 134.156029
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle: 34.809079, 133.622312