Ritsurin Koen is a Japanese garden of Kagawa prefectural which exists in Takamatsu-shi in the Kagawa-ken east. It’s designated in a special scenic spot of a national finger.

6 ponds and a mountain of 13 are distributing green of a pine against the background of Mt. Shiunzan purple cloud. I split up into a Japanese-style south garden and the north garden of open Meiji Western style at the migration system daimyo garden in the Edo Period early stage. Excellent treatment has done 1000 pines.

Plum in spring, cherry tree, iris in summer, lotus, maple in autumn and winter camellia. It’s dotted with a floral landmark in each season.

Address: Ritsurincho 1-20-16, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa (GoogleMap)



Ritsurin Garden

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Ritsurin Garden 34.330468, 134.044411 Ritsurin Garden


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Kotohira-gu: 34.183971, 133.809427
Ritsurin Garden: 34.330468, 134.044411
Marugame Castle: 34.286287, 133.800097
Sanuki Udon - Yamagoe Udon: 34.225592, 133.928390
Shodoshima Angel Road: 34.477717, 134.188657
Chichu Art Museum: 34.449936, 133.986012
Takamatsu Castle Ruins: 34.350161, 134.051163
Zenigata Sunae: 34.134137, 133.642274
Sanuki Mannou National Government Park: 34.169107, 133.879485