Onbashira (Onbashira-matsuri) is the festival performed in the Nagano-ken Suwa area. The biggest event in Suwa-taisha. “A year of the imperial festival, building pillar grand festival” and the year of the imperial festival performed once in good 7 are a festival formally. It’s made one of a Japanese three big unique festival by designation intangible folk cultural properties in Nagano-ken.

8 big trees which also become about 1 m of diameter, about 17 m of length and weight 10 t from a mountain are cut down. Kamisha pulls about 20 km of highway and Shimosha pulls about 12 km of highway only by the manpower according to the lumber-carriers’ chant, and I build in the four corners in each shrine. There are “Yamadashi” and “Satohiki” in May in April. There is “Kawagoshi” where a pillar of the inside big tree an audience watches pulls “Kiotoshi” going down a slope one after another and the river where cold water runs and crosses for “Yamadashi”.

You gave Shinano country and served from the Emperor Kanmu’s reign in 804, and it started to be performed magnificently. It’s heroic and enthusiastic way and is famous as “grand festival in the world”.

Date: For 7 years, from April to May (next time, 2016)

Address (Suwa-taisya): Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano (GoogleMap)



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Suwa-taisha 36.075287, 138.090471 Onbashira


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Zenko-ji: 36.661616, 138.187685
Shinshu Soba - Uzuraya: 36.741291, 138.085806
Matsumoto Castle: 36.238592, 137.970021
Jigokudani Monkey Park: 36.732650, 138.462146
Suwa-taisha: 36.075287, 138.090471
Tsurumine Park: 36.050136, 138.026980
Tsumago-juku: 35.577331, 137.595665
Azumino Chihiro Art Museum: 36.414939, 137.844160
Shiodadaira Hydrangea lane: 36.340295, 138.191341