Okinawa Soba Tamaya

Okinawa Soba is a Japanese dish of noodles with Chinese noodles and noodles of the same process, and local food from Okinawa-ken involves. More than 150,000 meals a day are consumed in Okinawa-ken. It’s said to be the one transmitted from China in Ryukyu monarchial age. It was eaten as a court dish, but it’s said to be from the Taisho Era that common people came to eat.

Buckwheat flour isn’t used at all and is made with only flour. The material is flour, salt and salt water and is like Chinese noodles. The one by which soup stock uses pork bone and dried bonito is general. The one with which meat with a bone of a pig was seasoned is used and this is called “Soki”. Therefore a thing near Okinawa is also called “Soki Soba”.

There are a lot of stores to which Okinawa Soba is offered in Okinawa-ken. Tamaya is a store popular with local people as well as tourists, too. There are 3 stores in Nanjo city, Urasoe-shi and Tomigusuku-shi in Okinawa-ken. The price is also reasonable.

Address: Ozato furugen 913-1, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa (GoogleMap)

Okinawa Soba - Tamaya

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Okinawa Soba - Tamaya 26.190804, 127.745038 Okinawa Soba - Tamaya


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