Oka Castle Ruins

Oka Castle is a Japanese castle which fits Taketa-shi, Oita large section of a town Taketa. “Ggyu Castle” and “Bungo Taketa Castle” are called.

In a place by the altitude 325m, the difference of ups and downs with the bottom of the valley is about 100 m. It’s famous as firm Castle who avoided Shimazu army. A donjon has disappeared at a deserted castle in Meiji, but a salted cherry leave in spring and colored leaves in autumn are very beautiful. A cherry tree festival is performed at the beginning of April every year.

“The month of the ruined castle” Rentaro Taki of a composer was spending childhood at Taketa. It’s said that Okashiro got an image of a song. Taki Rentaro’s bronze statue is built at the place where you can look at a distant mountain range.

Address: Taketa Chochindani, Taketa-shi, Oita (GoogleMap)


Oka Castle Ruins

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Oka Castle Ruins 32.969329, 131.408120 Oka Castle Ruins


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Usa-jingu: 33.526002, 131.374638
Umitamago: 33.258714, 131.535444
Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi: 33.171454, 131.224351
Lake Kinrin: 33.266905, 131.368643
Yufuin nature walk way: 33.258187, 131.356962
Restaurant Toyoken: 33.300940, 131.499525
Umi-jigoku: 33.316061, 131.469005
Oka Castle Ruins: 32.969329, 131.408120
Saiki Komadashi Udon - Miyuki Shokudo: 32.959435, 131.897769
Aonodomon: 33.500085, 131.171834