Nikko Toshogu

The shrine where Nikko Tosho-gu is located in Nikko-shi, Tochigi. The shrine where you deified Tokugawa Ieyasu who is a general the first in Shogunate Government of Edo. The one which was reconstructed in “Big repairing in Kanei” where most depends on 3 brigadier army Iemitsu in 1636.

8 houses of national treasure and 55 structures including 34 important cultural assets equal a precinct. It was made by the master craftsman who could gather them from a various part of Japan. Lacquer and extreme colored are given to a building, and many sculptures are displayed in a pillar. Gorgeous beauty is highlights.

It’s being repaired as “big repairing in Heisei” at present.

Address: Sannai 2301, Nikko-shi, Tochigi (GoogleMap)



The five-storied pagoda in Nikko Tosho-gu. I burned down in 1815, but it was reconstructed in 1818. The height is 36m. Japanese best is made with colored very much, and is the splendid five-storied pagoda.

Nikko Tosho-gu

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Nikko Tosho-gu 36.757172, 139.599984 Nikko Tosho-gu


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Nasu Animal Kingdom: 37.128776, 140.037231
Nikko Tosho-gu: 36.757172, 139.599984
Utsunomiya Minmin: 36.561587, 139.887362
Tobu World Square: 36.808074, 139.711311
Nikko Kaido: 36.621314, 139.853125
Nikko Edomura: 36.790776, 139.697481
Ohhirasan Prefectural Natural Park: 36.359926, 139.697540
Lake Chuzenji: 36.742716, 139.476473
Ashikaga Flower Park: 36.314975, 139.522033
Ohirasan hydrangea slope: 36.362122, 139.696940