Nikko Edomura is the theme park where reproduced culture in the Edo Period and a life. An official name, “EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edomura”. It was established on April 23, 1986.

A building in a store in the Edo Period, Machiya and a Samurai residence is reproduced. An action show of power can also be enjoyed at a large ninja theater. Various types of costumes (charge) are prepared at Edo person transformation place from a merchant to a lord. A television commercial using the character “Nyanmage” is famous.

Nikko Edomura

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Nikko Edomura 36.790776, 139.697481 Nikko Edomura


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Nasu Animal Kingdom: 37.128776, 140.037231
Nikko Tosho-gu: 36.757172, 139.599984
Utsunomiya Minmin: 36.561587, 139.887362
Tobu World Square: 36.808074, 139.711311
Nikko Kaido: 36.621314, 139.853125
Nikko Edomura: 36.790776, 139.697481
Ohhirasan Prefectural Natural Park: 36.359926, 139.697540
Lake Chuzenji: 36.742716, 139.476473
Ashikaga Flower Park: 36.314975, 139.522033
Ohirasan hydrangea slope: 36.362122, 139.696940