Nasu Animal Kingdom

Nasu animal kingdom is the zoo in Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi.

There is an animal which is 150 kinds, about 600 they were gathered from all over the world. Substantial “kingdom town” in indoor facilities. The “kingdom farm” by which the atmosphere of the pasture is much. There are 2 zones in the park.

“Kingdom town” then, there are always 80 rental dogs. A foreign entrant can take a walk together in the town and play. It’s possible to touch a popular animal of a water hog alpaca by a kingdom farm. A hawker and sheep Dog Shaw can enjoy horseback riding. There is Elijah who can play by pet dog accompanying, too.

Address: Nasu-cho 1042-1, Nasu-gun, Tochigi (GoogleMap)


Nasu Animal Kingdom

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Nasu Animal Kingdom 37.128776, 140.037231 Nasu Animal Kingdom


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Nasu Animal Kingdom: 37.128776, 140.037231
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Utsunomiya Minmin: 36.561587, 139.887362
Tobu World Square: 36.808074, 139.711311
Nikko Kaido: 36.621314, 139.853125
Nikko Edomura: 36.790776, 139.697481
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Lake Chuzenji: 36.742716, 139.476473
Ashikaga Flower Park: 36.314975, 139.522033
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