Ishizuchi-san is the pile of the altitude 1,982m located in the Shikoku-sanchi west. The western Japan highest peak west of the Kinki area. It’s located in a boundary of Saijo-shi, Ehime and Kuma Takaharu-cho.

One of the Japan seven sacred mountains learned about as a mountain of mountain worship from the old days. Experience of mountaineering such as about 4.6 km of Tsuchigoya course I walk from Tsuchigoya in Kuma Takaharu-cho along a ridge and the course where Ishizuchi mountaineering ropeway is used from Saijo-shi can choose various courses as a trail up a mountain. When it’s fine at the beginning, Inland Sea of Seto and Tosa-wan can be viewed from a distance to Chugoku-sanchi and Kyushu-sanchi from a mountain top.

Address: Komatsucho ishizuchi, Saijo-shi, Ehime (GoogleMap)


It’s also famous as a landmark of colored leaves. Colored leaves start from the beginning of October, and best time is met at the middle of October. A festival of colored leaves is also performed at Ishizuchijinja.

Mount Ishizuchi

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Mount Ishizuchi 33.771870, 133.111961 Mount Ishizuchi


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Matsuyama Castle: 33.845577, 132.765535
Dogo Onsen: 33.852056, 132.786425
Shingu Ajisainosato: 33.956167, 133.671148
Mount Ishizuchi: 33.771870, 133.111961
Ichiroku tart - Ichiroku Honpo: 33.843587, 132.775050
Kirosan view park: 34.120047, 133.033619