Mid-Sea Road (Kaichu-road) is in Okinawa-ken Uruma city. The road of 4.7km where Henzajima is tied from Katsuren peninsula. 1 bridge for ship navigation and 2 channels for current securement consist of an embankment across a sea, and are established.

I build a bank in all shallow area of sea and am laid out, and it’s called the length of the best in the East on the road of this seed. It’s very popular as a scenic route. There is a load park fully equipped with the shower restroom in halfway on the way, and sea bathing and marine sports can be enjoyed.

Address: Yonashiroyahira, Uruma-shi, Okinawa (GoogleMap)

Mid-Sea Road

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Mid-Sea Road 26.331978, 127.933039 Mid-Sea Road


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Shuri Castle: 26.217014, 127.719521
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium: 26.694158, 127.877932
Himeyuri Peace Museum: 26.096354, 127.690330
Okinawa Soba - Tamaya: 26.190804, 127.745038
Busena Marinepark Underwater Observatory: 26.542389, 127.930433
Ikema long bridge: 24.913765, 125.267774
Kokusai Street: 26.214293, 127.682279
Cape Manza: 26.503897, 127.850827
Kondoi beach: 24.325287, 124.077537
Itoman Hare: 26.133904, 127.660588
Taco rice - KING TACOS Kinhonten: 26.453452, 127.917347
Mid-Sea Road: 26.331978, 127.933039