Kushikatsu is the Japanese cutlet dish which skewered meat and vegetables, put clothes and raised it by oil. It’s sometimes different in the ingredients, a recipe and the eating and drinking form depending on areas.

The store of the counter form of Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi Shi-Sekai is made a place by the origination, and a Kushikatsu store exists in the downtown area in Osaka much. It’s said to be starting that the hostess of “Daruma” who opened it in 1929 fried the meat skewered for physical labors in Nishinari-ku. There are a lot of styles which pickle and eat Kushikatsu in thin Worcestershire sauce in the stainless container of sharing put by an audience. Because a source will be a problem on the hygiene to pickle the one of which I had the bite once for sharing once again, I put up a notice of “it’s immersed in the twice, prohibited” on a board at many stores.

Kushikatsu of “Daruma” is bringing out the taste of the material by an exquisite balance of special sauce, clothes and juicy oil.

Address: Ebisuhigashi 2-3-9, Naniwa-ku, Osaka (GoogleMap)


Kushikatsu - Daruma

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Kushikatsu - Daruma 34.652778, 135.506511 Kushikatsu - Daruma


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Kaiyukan: 34.654518, 135.428964
Osaka Castle: 34.687315, 135.526201
Cherry blossoms - Japan Mint: 34.695002, 135.521410
Tsutenkaku: 34.652499, 135.506306
Universal Studios Japan: 34.665442, 135.432338
Expo Commemoration Park: 34.805120, 135.532178
Dotonbori: 34.669019, 135.506165
Wanaka: 34.665199, 135.503441
Abeno Harukas: 34.645842, 135.513971
Shitenno-ji: 34.653347, 135.516491
Tennoji Zoo: 34.651354, 135.510390
Settsukyo Park: 34.877349, 135.584774
National Museum of Art, Osaka: 34.691714, 135.492001
Aizen-do Shoman-in: 34.657362, 135.512592
Kema Sakuranomiya Park: 34.698605, 135.523408
Umeda Sky Building: 34.705278, 135.490525
Osaka Tenmangu: 34.696061, 135.512616
Kushikatsu - Daruma: 34.652778, 135.506511
Kuromon Market: 34.665358, 135.506283
Yodo-gawa: 34.709762, 135.479450
Nukata Enchi: 34.677591, 135.672698