Kitakata ramen is the this place Chinese noodles made around Kitakata-shi, Fukushima. It’s ranked as one of Japanese three big Chinese noodles as well as Sapporo ramen and Hakata ramen.

When pointing at Chinese noodles, I classify as “Shina soba” and call because Kitakata is also a producing center of “Soba”. There are 120 stores of Chinese noodles, and it’s best of Japan by the population ratio. It’s common sense to eat ramen in the morning in Kitakata-shi. It’s ramen in soy sauce-based soup of the taste basically readily, so even if I eat in the morning, it’s difficult to feel heavy in the stomach.

Bannai-shokudo is also famous at the inside in the store to which Kitakata ramen is offered. The opening time is 7:00 morning, so there are a lot of visitors who eat instead of breakfast, too. The special roast pork boiled with soy sauce is soft and is a nonesuch. It goes well with plain soup of salt system well. “Shina soba” of a basic and “Niku soba” with a lot of roast pork are popular.

Address: Hosoda 7230, Kitakata-shi, Fukushima (GoogleMap)

Kitakata ramen - Bannai Shokudo

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Kitakata ramen - Bannai Shokudo 37.651069, 139.873428 Kitakata ramen - Bannai Shokudo


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