Katsuura dandan noodles Ishii

Katsuura dandan noodles is this place Chinese noodles using a name of tantanmen offered at a restaurant in Katsuura-shi, Chiba. It’s also called Katsu-tan as an abbreviation. Chinese noodles enter the soup done based on soy sauce, and the onion and the minced pork fried with chili oil and red chili pepper as topping material are mentioned. The sesame you generally use and Tahini aren’t used.

The origination is said to be 1954. There is also 40 stores of store where Katsuura dandan noodles can be eaten in Katsuura-shi. A rotisserie and a coffee shop are offered at a store of the various genres.

There is Ishii near the farmer’s market in Katsuura-shi, and it’s open from 7:00 in the morning. It’s the feature that there is garlic of 3 kinds, life, a rise and frying. Dandan noodles with a lot of fried onions is the taste which feels the sweetness in the pain. The dandan noodles (700 yen) is most popular, but the curry dandan noodles (800 yen) and the roast pork dandan noodles (800 yen) are also popular.

Address: Katsuura 159, Katsuura-shi, Chiba (GoogleMap)

Katsuura dandan noodles - Ishii

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Katsuura dandan noodles - Ishii 35.148198, 140.315096 Katsuura dandan noodles - Ishii


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