Kashihara-jingu is the east foot in Unebiyama in Kashihara-shi, Nara and the shrine where it exists in Kume-cho. It was built on April 2, 1890 based on the description of “Chronicles of Japan” to which Emperor Jinmu who can tell the first emperor acceded at Kashihara shrine.

It’s built “hiwatabuki” in the vast precincts of a Shinto shrine as much as about 500,000 square meters. A main shrine built with Shiraki and kaguraden are harmonized with green in the deep forest which becomes an approach to Shrine of a gravel and a background. Honden reconstructed Kashikodokoro in Kyoto Gosho Palace in a new location, and is designated as an important cultural asset with Bunkaden.

Address: Kumecho 934, Kashihara-shi, Nara (GoogleMap)



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Kashihara-jingu 34.487523, 135.787179 Kashihara-jingu


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Todai-Ji: 34.688985, 135.839816
Nara Park: 34.685035, 135.843016
Horyu-ji: 34.611362, 135.736065
Kasuga-taisha: 34.681380, 135.848386
Mount Yoshino: 34.360399, 135.866973
Nakatanido: 34.681940, 135.828926
Yakushi-ji: 34.668004, 135.784289
Kakinoha Sushi - Hiraso: 34.393993, 135.858785
Himuro-jinja: 34.684415, 135.837876
Kashihara-jingu: 34.487523, 135.787179