Kakinoha Sushi Hiraso

Kakinoha Sushi is local food from Nara-ken, Wakayama-ken and Ishikawa-ken. The sushi which put slice of mackerel, salmon and red snapper on the vinegared rice made bite size and wrapped it in a leaf of a persimmon. A leaf of a persimmon has the bactericidal effect, and shelf stability becomes expensive by wrapping it.

Hiraso is a noted store of persimmon leaf sushi beyond foundation for 150 years. The shrimp and the conger eel as well as the mackerel, the salmon and the porgy are made the material of the sushi. Daiwa Yoshino area can taste the Nara feature with the peculiar flavor.

A store in 7 stores is in Nara-ken. There is also a store near the main store of Yoshino-cho, Nara Park and Horyu-ji.

Address: Iigai 614, Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-Gun, Nara (GoogleMap)


Kakinoha Sushi - Hiraso

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Kakinoha Sushi - Hiraso 34.393993, 135.858785 Kakinoha Sushi - Hiraso


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Todai-Ji: 34.688985, 135.839816
Nara Park: 34.685035, 135.843016
Horyu-ji: 34.611362, 135.736065
Kasuga-taisha: 34.681380, 135.848386
Mount Yoshino: 34.360399, 135.866973
Nakatanido: 34.681940, 135.828926
Yakushi-ji: 34.668004, 135.784289
Kakinoha Sushi - Hiraso: 34.393993, 135.858785
Himuro-jinja: 34.684415, 135.837876
Kashihara-jingu: 34.487523, 135.787179