Itoman Hare is a performed event every year on lunar calendar May 4 (the end of May-around June) in the area in the Itoman fishing port in Itoman, Itoman-shi, Okinawa. One of a traditional event in Itoman-shi as well as the Itoman big tug of war performed on lunar calendar August 15.

You assume that it was transmitted from China about 600 years ago, and safety of sailing and a big catch are prayed by rowing a boat and competing. There is “Ugan bare” “Seinen Bare” “Agaisubu” by competition of a wooden manual row ship, and I hang pride in an area and am contested. About 30,000 audience gather round from prefecture outside on the day.

Date: Lunar calendar May 5 (from the end of May, around June)

Address (Itoman Fishing Port): Itoman-shi 603-1, Okinawa (GoogleMap)

Itoman Hare

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Itoman Hare 26.133904, 127.660588 Itoman Hare


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Shuri Castle: 26.217014, 127.719521
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium: 26.694158, 127.877932
Himeyuri Peace Museum: 26.096354, 127.690330
Okinawa Soba - Tamaya: 26.190804, 127.745038
Busena Marinepark Underwater Observatory: 26.542389, 127.930433
Ikema long bridge: 24.913765, 125.267774
Kokusai Street: 26.214293, 127.682279
Cape Manza: 26.503897, 127.850827
Kondoi beach: 24.325287, 124.077537
Itoman Hare: 26.133904, 127.660588
Taco rice - KING TACOS Kinhonten: 26.453452, 127.917347
Mid-Sea Road: 26.331978, 127.933039