Isshingyo no Oozakura

Isshingyo no Oozakura is a distinguished tree of the cherry tree in Aso-gun, Kumamoto south Aso village.

In an age of the tree for about 400 years, about 7.35 m of trunk turn, about 14 m of tree height and east and west, in 21.3m and north and south, about 26 m. You can be circled and also enjoy a contrast of a cherry tree and a rape blossom in the time of full bloom in a rape-blossom field.

It was broadcast by relay of cherry blossoms by night of Asahi National Broadcasting “News Station” in 1999. A tourist increases taking this as a start, and about 200,000 tourists visit every year.

Address: Nakamastu 3226-1, Minamiaso-mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto (GoogleMap)

Isshingyo no Oozakura

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Isshingyo no Oozakura 32.835679, 131.050828 Isshingyo no Oozakura


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Isshingyo no Oozakura: 32.835679, 131.050828
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