Inubosaki lighthouse is the lighthouse left for a tip in Inubosaki in Choshi-shi, Chiba. The circumference is the part of the Suigo-tsukuba quasi national park.

It has been made with a design and building of Richard Henry Blanton of a British engineer and completed on November 15, 1874. A lighthouse with a first domestic brick. It’s said that the stairs were designed by 99 steps for Kujukurihama.

Inubosaki lighthouse is one of the lighthouses which represent Japan, and the historical cultural asset-like value is high. A preservation lighthouse of A rank is involved. “100 elections of the world lighthouse” it’s also chosen as “50 elections of Japanese lighthouse”.

Address: Inubosaki 9576, Choshi-shi, Chiba (GoogleMap)

Inubosaki Lighthouse

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Inubosaki Lighthouse 35.707905, 140.868440 Inubosaki Lighthouse


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