A tart from Ehime-ken is a hometown snack from Matsuyama-shi, Ehime. Snack with the roll cake shape which is light, winds bean jam by a baked sponge cake birthplace and makes. It’s also employed as the other gift and presents offered as a refreshment.

Ichiroku tart are a snack from 16 main shops of the Japanese confection manufacturer which exists in Ehime-ken. The origin “16” in a foundation year is foundation for 1883 years and by which it’s a company’s name. It’s famous as a gift in Shikoku for the snack which wrapped bean jam with citron in a sponge. 630 yen for one.

A direct management stand is also developing a lot, and there is a main store in Katsuyamacho, Matsuyama-shi. Additionally it’s possible to buy it at various places such as a service area of a department store, the station kiosk and a freeway and a gift shop.

Address (Katsuyama Honten): Katsuyamacho 2-8-1, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime (GoogleMap)


Ichiroku tart - Ichiroku Honpo

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Ichiroku tart - Ichiroku Honpo 33.843587, 132.775050 Ichiroku tart - Ichiroku Honpo


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Matsuyama Castle: 33.845577, 132.765535
Dogo Onsen: 33.852056, 132.786425
Shingu Ajisainosato: 33.956167, 133.671148
Mount Ishizuchi: 33.771870, 133.111961
Ichiroku tart - Ichiroku Honpo: 33.843587, 132.775050
Kirosan view park: 34.120047, 133.033619