Horyu-ji is the temple in Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara. A head temple of Shutoku-shu. An another name is Ikaruga-dera.

Horyu-ji was built by Shotokutaishi the time of the Emperor Suiko in the 7th century. It’s said to be the world oldest by a wooden building. The size in the precinct is about 187,000 square meters.

Nandaimon, the five-storied pagoda Gojyunotou, Kondo, a grand hall and Yumedono are a name, a barrel national treasure structure is in line. Buddhist culture in the Asuka period is being told soon with Horin-ji and Chugu-ji it neighbors. In 1993, it was registered with world-class cultural property of UNESCO for the first time in Japan.

Address: Horyujisannai 1-1, Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara (GoogleMap)



Kongourikishi stature is one of Amabe who is a Buddhist palladium. There are Agyo where the mouth opened and Ungyo which has pursed its lips. Two bodies are often enshrined in the front gate in a temple as one pair.

This is Ungyo of a Kongourikishi stature left for Horyu-ji Nakamon gate. It’s said to be the oldest one in Japan.


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Horyu-ji 34.611362, 135.736065 Horyu-ji


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Todai-Ji: 34.688985, 135.839816
Nara Park: 34.685035, 135.843016
Horyu-ji: 34.611362, 135.736065
Kasuga-taisha: 34.681380, 135.848386
Mount Yoshino: 34.360399, 135.866973
Nakatanido: 34.681940, 135.828926
Yakushi-ji: 34.668004, 135.784289
Kakinoha Sushi - Hiraso: 34.393993, 135.858785
Himuro-jinja: 34.684415, 135.837876
Kashihara-jingu: 34.487523, 135.787179