Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is the museum where it exists in Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima. It’s also called “Atomic Bomb Museum” or “peaceful reference library”.

It was opened in 1955 in a destination to hand the real fact of the damage by an atomic bomb down to people of all over the world. A momento of a survivor of the atomic bombing, the picture which indicates a terrible sight of bombing and material are exhibited mainly. It’s being introduced about the situation of the pace before and after bombing and the nuclear age of Hiroshima.

The collection current as of 2013 comes to about 21000 points. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and a main building were estimated with something excellent like design on July 5, 2006, and it was designated as an important cultural asset in a first country as a building after the war.

Address: Nakajimacho 1-2, Naka-ku,Hiroshima (GoogleMap)


Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum 34.391503, 132.453158 Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


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Itsukushima-jinja: 34.296021, 132.319894
Genbaku Dome: 34.395483, 132.453592
Okonomi-Mura: 34.391272, 132.461900
Senkouji Park: 34.410842, 133.196820
Yamato Museum: 34.241382, 132.555805
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park: 34.392824, 132.452237
Sandan-kyo: 34.625488, 132.185901
Ondonoseto Park: 34.194586, 132.539328
Hiroshima Castle: 34.401495, 132.459607
Baking oysters - Kakiya: 34.298611, 132.321736
Momiji Manju - Nishikido: 34.399180, 132.479076
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum: 34.391503, 132.453158
Shukkei-en: 34.399727, 132.467484
Enryu-ji: 34.389203, 132.462581
Hiroshima harbor: 34.352826, 132.470226