Himeyuri Peace Museum

Himeyuri Peace Museum is the library which opened in Itoman-shi on June 23, 1989.

A reference library of the Himeyuri scholar corps which was being rallied and was dying in a field as nursing personnel. It was constructed immediately next to “Himeyurinotou”. Victim’s momento and the testimony collection of the survivor with a Himeyuri scholar corps about 200 name are exhibited. In Japan, the reality of the battle in Okinawa which became the ground battles in which the only resident was involved is being told in the young generation.

Address: Ihara 671-1, Itoman-shi, Okinawa (GoogleMap)



Himeyuri-no-to is the cenotaph which stands in the trace of a trench where Okinawa army hospital third surgery was put in the battle in Okinawa last years. It was unveiled on April 7, 1946. There are “tower” and a name, but the fruit plants aren’t so high by tens of centimeters of height. The person who goes and worship doesn’t cease even at present as the one which symbolizes severity of the battle in Okinawa and misery.

Himeyuri Peace Museum

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Himeyuri Peace Museum 26.096354, 127.690330 Himeyuri Peace Museum


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