There is a park in an edge in Yamanakako in a lake closest to Mt. Fuji. Flowers in each season are located in 1000 meters of altitude and bloom in 300,000 square meters of area.

Unusual tropics system plant and orchid can be appreciated through 1 year at a greenhouse house.

Additionally gracious deity’s waterfall of a huge water mill and gap 10m width 80m and the water playground equipment square where you can enjoy water, I have that.



Yamanaka-ko Hananomiyako Kouen

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Yamanaka-ko Hananomiyako Kouen 35.442656, 138.852692


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Yamanaka-ko Hananomiyako Kouen: 35.442656, 138.852692
Fujikyu Highland: 35.486947, 138.780551
Shosenkyo: 35.753426, 138.564794
Houtou Fudou: 35.522553, 138.774040
Lake Yamanaka: 35.418551, 138.877480
Oboshi Park: 35.545531, 138.455286
Lake Kawaguchi: 35.516858, 138.754063
Shingen-ko Festival: 35.665098, 138.571125
Cherry blossoms - Yamataka Jindaizakura: 35.780794, 138.367514
Fuji Motosu Resort: 35.442177, 138.602614
Minobusan Kuon-ji: 35.381947, 138.425052