Hakata Ramen (Chinese noodles) are made in Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka mainly. The pork bone soup thick and milky in rather thin straight noodles is the feature. It tends to extend for thin noodles, and there is no jollop. There are a lot of stores where the hardness of the noodles is ordered. The “Kedama” who orders an additional face is the characteristic, too.

There are overnight and an open 24 hours store at a famous store in the downtown area and a store of Hakata ramen in Nagahama area. It’s offered by much in a popular street stall at Hakata.

Hakata daruma doll is the store where it’s popular even in Hakata ramen. I’m having a shop in a various part of Japan.

Hakata Daruma

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Hakata Daruma 33.585175, 130.406015


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Dazaifu Tenman-gu: 33.521817, 130.535944
Mojiko Retro: 33.948621, 130.963521
Marine World Uminonakamichi: 33.660851, 130.363413
Taishojin Park: 33.604214, 130.680628
Hakata Daruma: 33.585175, 130.406015
Kokura Castle: 33.884434, 130.874266
Ride down the waterway - Yanagawa: 33.158961, 130.397753
Nokonoshima Islandpark: 33.631549, 130.301794
Motsukou: 33.598293, 130.408379
Hakata Gion Yamakasa: 33.593312, 130.411164
West Park: 33.598593, 130.375752
Hishino three-stranded water mill: 33.371866, 130.742567
Hakata Station: 33.590002, 130.420622
Fukuoka city office: 33.590393, 130.401695
Kawachi Fujien: 33.831316, 130.792686
Takato-yama Park: 33.903552, 130.798853