Yokosuka Navy Curry Gyoraitei

Navy curry is curry and curry and rice with origin in an old imperial navy. The feature is to use the roux which panfried flour in Calais, and when generally saying Japanese curry, I often point at something the kind makes this navy curry. The curry powder with which the one which roasted flour was mixed is marketed, so it can also be made with a household easily.

I’m also declaring Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa with a base of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force “town of curry” at present. The store which introduces a recipe is authorized as the store which can use the name of “Yokosuka Navy curry”. I send or offer 3 points, curry and rice, salad and milk to navy curry by a set as a principle.

Many curry shops are in Yokosuka-shi. The store where I restored by starting from navy Calais based on a recipe is Giyoran bower. There are 16 kinds of curry menu and 8 kinds of line-up as a curry speciality store.



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Gyoraitei 35.281270, 139.666151


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Kotoku-in: 35.316700, 139.536154
Yokohama Landmark Tower: 35.454954, 139.631386
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise: 35.336484, 139.644814
Sankei-en: 35.417064, 139.658830
Yokohama Chinatown: 35.442882, 139.645166
Hakone Venetian Glass Museum: 35.266313, 139.017761
Gyoraitei: 35.281270, 139.666151
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse: 35.452116, 139.643269
Hakone Open-Air Museum: 35.244719, 139.051510
Odawara Castle: 35.250949, 139.153514
Enoshima Seacandle: 35.299654, 139.478651
Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum: 35.509896, 139.614572
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu: 35.326098, 139.556413
Hokoku-ji: 35.319981, 139.569280
Atsugi Shirokoro Horumon - Suishoen: 35.439706, 139.361718
Horai-en: 35.237008, 139.046647
Hakone-jinja Kuzuryu-jinja: 35.204799, 139.025390
Hase-dera: 35.312468, 139.533057
Atsugi ball stadium: 35.449752, 139.366623