Goshiki-numa is the big and small tens of lakes and marshes crowd who has that in Urabandai on the Bandai-san north side and a called area. It’s designated in the Bandai-Asahi National Park.

The lakes and marshes crowd is green by influence, a plant and a seaweed of the volcanic water quality which is being poured, and it’s the history of the name to show the various colors of the red and the blue. About about 3.6 kilometers of trekking course of the tour of marshes extends between the tree of a Japanese red pine. Little, the difference of ups and downs can also walk everyone casually by the distance of about 1 hour. The spot which would like to enjoy nature in each season.

Address: Hibara, Kitashiobara-mura, Yama-gun, Fukushima (GoogleMap)



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Goshiki-numa 37.679337, 140.056543 Goshiki-numa


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The weeping cherry – Miharu Takizakura: 37.407694, 140.500061
Aquamarine Fukushima: 36.942781, 140.901456
Ouchi-juku: 37.333586, 139.860871
Goshiki-numa: 37.679337, 140.056543
Kitakata ramen - Bannai Shokudo: 37.651069, 139.873428
Soma Nomaoi: 37.624565, 140.958924
Wakamatsu Castle: 37.487820, 139.929666
Namie Yakisoba - Suginoya: 37.496733, 140.993735