Gohei-mochi - Amakara

Gohei-mochi (Rice dumplings on a stick) are the local food transmitted around Gifu Mikawa from Kiso Ina area.

The one crushed in a wooden stick made the nonglutinous rice spit-roasted. The dumpling type and the straw sandals type are different in the shape depending on areas. There is also difference between the miso flavor and the soy sauce flavor sauce. It’s rich in fermented soybean paste in soy sauce and the straw sandals type, and it seems that sauce is seen by the dumpling type.

Several stores is in Gifu-ken in a speciality store of Gohei-mochi “Amakara”. There is “Amakara Honten” in Oicho, Ena-shi, Gifu. It’s being sold by inexpensiveness as 90 yen for 1. It can be eaten even in the store. Pickles are included and are 540 yen by 1 serving and 6 skewers.

Amakara Honten

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Amakara Honten 35.454255, 137.407899


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Amakara Honten: 35.454255, 137.407899
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