Hiroshima peaceful monument is learned about by a name in Genbaku Dome. The monument from which heavy damage of a dropped atomic bomb in 1945 is introduced to Hiroshima-shi soon. It’s registered with the world’s cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO.

Origin opened as Hiroshima-ken product museum, and atomic bombing those days was called Hiroshima-ken industrial promotion house.

Tragedy like the twice is the symbol which includes the wish I tell not to happen and complains to the world of importance of the extinction of a nuclear weapon and the lasting peace.

※ It isn’t possible to meddle inside Hiroshima Peace Memorial. They aren’t the facilities at which you can enter, so it’ll be a tour from outside.

Address: Otemachi 1-10, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima (GoogleMap)


Genbaku Doom

A cherry tree blooms in an edge of Motoyasu River who flows in front of Hiroshima Peace Memorial in spring.

Genbaku Dome

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Genbaku Dome 34.395483, 132.453592 Genbaku Dome


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Itsukushima-jinja: 34.296021, 132.319894
Genbaku Dome: 34.395483, 132.453592
Okonomi-Mura: 34.391272, 132.461900
Senkouji Park: 34.410842, 133.196820
Yamato Museum: 34.241382, 132.555805
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park: 34.392824, 132.452237
Sandan-kyo: 34.625488, 132.185901
Ondonoseto Park: 34.194586, 132.539328
Hiroshima Castle: 34.401495, 132.459607
Baking oysters - Kakiya: 34.298611, 132.321736
Momiji Manju - Nishikido: 34.399180, 132.479076
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum: 34.391503, 132.453158
Shukkei-en: 34.399727, 132.467484
Enryu-ji: 34.389203, 132.462581
Hiroshima harbor: 34.352826, 132.470226