The dish which made the wing of a chicken a food fried without coat. It’s eaten at a various part of Japan, but it’s eaten much at Nagoya-shi, Aichi and an area around it in particular.

I take a food fried without coat and apply sauce, and salt, pepper and white sesame are sprinkled, and wing of a chicken is completed. The peculiar food texture and the effective taste of the spice are the feature. It’s most suitable for a beer appetizer.

It’s said to be “Furaibou” that I made them start from a store for the first time in Nagoya-shi, Aichi. Furaibou includes American 3 stores, and there is a store in 80 stores all over the world. There is also a takeout section by a store.



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Furaibou 35.169091, 136.912807


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Atsuta-jingu: 35.125558, 136.908963
Nagoya Castle: 35.183766, 136.900294
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology: 35.182792, 136.876396
Chubu Centrair International Airport: 34.859094, 136.814600
Okazaki Park: 34.956928, 137.160736
Furaibou: 35.169091, 136.912807
Lagunasia: 34.808627, 137.271395
Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens: 35.158758, 136.974277
Kiyosu Castle: 35.216589, 136.843412
Hitsumabushi - Atsuta Houraiken: 35.120210, 136.906880
Tsuruma Park: 35.156346, 136.922184
Tagata-jinja: 35.315835, 136.941422
Inuyama Castle: 35.388361, 136.939181
Iwasaki Seiryu-tei: 35.309004, 136.939043
Takeshima: 34.811117, 137.231716
Anjo Station: 34.959986, 137.087160