Fuji Shibazakura festival is held at Motosu-ko Lake resort in Yamanashi-ken, you’re deifying. It’s held from 2008.

You’re planting about 700,000 stocks of moss pink in about 2.4 ha of site. The moss pink is usually pink, but 5 kinds of moss pink is planted, and it’s possible to enjoy the various shades. The route where you can walk all sites is maintained. It’s “view square” and a point in front of the Ryujin pond that it’s popular in picture taking. There are a famous mountain of Japan and a location where moss pink is judged as Mt. Fuji together only here.

Date: From the middle of April to the end of May.

Address (Fuji Motosu Resort): Motosu 212, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi (GoogleMap)


Fuji Motosu Resort

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Fuji Motosu Resort 35.442177, 138.602614 Fuji Shibazakura festival


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Yamanaka-ko Hananomiyako Kouen: 35.442656, 138.852692
Fujikyu Highland: 35.486947, 138.780551
Shosenkyo: 35.753426, 138.564794
Houtou Fudou: 35.522553, 138.774040
Lake Yamanaka: 35.418551, 138.877480
Oboshi Park: 35.545531, 138.455286
Lake Kawaguchi: 35.516858, 138.754063
Shingen-ko Festival: 35.665098, 138.571125
Cherry blossoms - Yamataka Jindaizakura: 35.780794, 138.367514
Fuji Motosu Resort: 35.442177, 138.602614
Minobusan Kuon-ji: 35.381947, 138.425052