Fuji safari park is a zoo of the safari park form in Susono-shi, Shizuoka. The size is about 740,000 square meters and is natural animal park of the forest type of the first country where Jurigi Kogen wildwood was utilized.

About 1000 animals can see 80 kinds of savage beast animal and herbivore. I split up into 7 zones and go around by a car and a bus in the park. The landscape round which girafves and lions crowd with their back to Mt. Fuji seems to be Africa. Night safari is also held by period limitation.

Address: Suyama 2255-27, Susono-shi, Shizuoka (GoogleMap)


Fuji Safari Park

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Fuji Safari Park 35.259852, 138.803984 Fuji Safari Park


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Nihondaira: 34.973591, 138.463819
Cherry blossoms – Izu Plateau: 34.882081, 139.107165
Shizuoka Oden - Aoba Yokocho: 34.972122, 138.381810
Miho no Matsubara: 34.995432, 138.524702
Mount Kanukiyama: 35.092419, 138.877554
Shiraitotaki Falls: 35.312938, 138.587347
Hamamatsu Gyoza - Ishimatsu: 34.792322, 137.773166
MOA Museum of Art: 35.109006, 139.075070
Fuji Safari Park: 35.259852, 138.803984
Shimoda Park: 34.668053, 138.946517