Expo Commemoration Park is a common name in the park where the site of the held Japan World Exposition (Osaka expo) was maintained in 1970.There are a square, a sports facility and cultural facilities.Park of about 260 ha of total area.

A symbol of an exhibition by Mr. Taro Okamoto “Tower in the sun” is famous for “Natural cultural garden”.

One in the park splits up into a natural cultural garden, a Japanese garden, cultural facilities and an amusement park.There is a landscape which makes Japanese nature feel, but also various events are also held.

Address: Senribanpakukoen 1-1, Suita-shi, Osaka (GoogleMap)



It’s also learned about as a famous place of a cherry tree and also selected by “100 elections of landmark of a Japanese cherry tree”. 9 kinds, about 5500 are planted by a cherry tree in a Someiyoshino cherry tree,Yamazakura, Satozakura and a weeping cherry tree. “Expo memorial park cherry tree festival” is also performed from the end of March to the beginning of April.

Expo Commemoration Park

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Expo Commemoration Park 34.805120, 135.532178 Expo Commemoration Park


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Kaiyukan: 34.654518, 135.428964
Osaka Castle: 34.687315, 135.526201
Cherry blossoms - Japan Mint: 34.695002, 135.521410
Tsutenkaku: 34.652499, 135.506306
Universal Studios Japan: 34.665442, 135.432338
Expo Commemoration Park: 34.805120, 135.532178
Dotonbori: 34.669019, 135.506165
Wanaka: 34.665199, 135.503441
Abeno Harukas: 34.645842, 135.513971
Shitenno-ji: 34.653347, 135.516491
Tennoji Zoo: 34.651354, 135.510390
Settsukyo Park: 34.877349, 135.584774
National Museum of Art, Osaka: 34.691714, 135.492001
Aizen-do Shoman-in: 34.657362, 135.512592
Kema Sakuranomiya Park: 34.698605, 135.523408
Umeda Sky Building: 34.705278, 135.490525
Osaka Tenmangu: 34.696061, 135.512616
Kushikatsu - Daruma: 34.652778, 135.506511
Kuromon Market: 34.665358, 135.506283
Yodo-gawa: 34.709762, 135.479450
Nukata Enchi: 34.677591, 135.672698