Curry soup is one of a Japanese curry dish. The style which soaks rice in the soup-like curry made chintz and eats is origination in Sapporo and the feature. It’s popular existence already by Sapporo and is the menu spread in a various part of Japan by present.

A coffee shop in Sapporo-shi “Ajanta” sells medicinal food Curry in 1971, and that’s said to be the original. “Magic spice” added essence of Indonesian food as “Soto ayam” and called “Curry soup” in 1993. Since dropping by a store, there are also strange topping material of okra, tofu, croquette and sheet of dried soybean casein and soup curry Chinese noodles.

GARAKU is a popular soup curry speciality store. The flavor which considered the chemistry with the rice is soup much for chicken bone and the soup labor and time hung and made based on the fist and enough flavorous vegetables. There is also a sister store in the neighborhood.

Address: Nishi 2, Minami 3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Sapporo (GoogleMap)

Curry soup - GARAKU

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Curry soup - GARAKU 43.056867, 141.354950 Curry soup - GARAKU


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Curry soup - GARAKU: 43.056867, 141.354950
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