Chiyobo Inari Jinja is Inarijinja where Gifu-ken Umizu city Sango, Hirata-cho is in 1980. All one of the Japanese three great gods of the harvest is called with Fushimi inari taisha in Kyoto and Toyokawa-inari in Aichi. You’re enjoying as a common name “Ms. cute little girl” at localness.

A worship visitor as much as about 2,000,000 people a year visits by common people’s God with divine favor in prosperous business and wife safety. A fragrant river fish dish is a specialty, and form baking of catfish grilled eel and eel is popular

Address: Hiratacho Sango 1980, Kaizu-shi, Gifu (GoogleMap)

Chiyobo Inari Jinja

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Chiyobo Inari Jinja 35.263574, 136.646426 Chiyobo Inari Jinja


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