Busena Marinepark Underwater Observatory

Busena Marinepark is in a Busena cape in Nago-shi, Okinawa. It opened in 1970. A point in a cape and the west coast with a marine park are maintained as Busena resort.

Okinawa-honto in the sea in 170 m of west of point in a Busena cape, the only underwater observation tower. Land is a pedestrian overpass and it connects. An undersea panorama of water depth 5m is spread, and when looking stealthily at 24 windows, Oyabitcha and a tropical fish of a parrot fish can be seen. It’s possible to look stealthily at the undersea world while having got dressed.

Address: Kise 1744-1, Nago-shi, Okinawa (GoogleMap)



Busena Marinepark Underwater Observatory

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Busena Marinepark Underwater Observatory 26.542389, 127.930433 Busena Marinepark Underwater Observatory


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