Basashi (Umasashi) cuts meat of a horse thin, and is raw and is eaten Japanese food. An abbreviation of “horse meat sashimi”. Eaten one puts grated ginger, the lowering garlic and chopped leek with soy sauce in condiments, and is general.

The custom that horse meat is eaten for draft beer exists in Kumamoto-ken and Nagano-ken. I can think an area with a custom of horse meat food was a place for noted product of a horse from ancient times, and production of a horse and directly connected culture rooted.

Umazakura is also a speciality store of famous horse meat in Kumamoto. It’s a popular store in the center in Kumamoto-shi. One made in Kumamoto-ken uses only good horse meat by freshness of factory direct delivery. The horse meat beef and vegetables cooked in broth in addition to raw horse meat is also popular.

Address: Shimotori 1-12-1, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto (GoogleMap)

Basashi - Umazakura

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Basashi - Umazakura 32.800087, 130.708228 Basashi - Umazakura


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Kumamoto Castle: 32.806186, 130.705833
Aso Nakadake crater: 32.883565, 131.085654
Suizen-ji Joju-en: 32.790794, 130.734982
Aso Cuddly Dominion: 32.931051, 131.066904
Isshingyo no Oozakura: 32.835679, 131.050828
Nabegataki Falls: 33.136644, 131.035527
Taipien - Kouraitei: 32.801662, 130.709074
Ichifusa dam lakeside: 32.321097, 131.013040
Kurokawa Onsen: 33.078057, 131.141719
Basashi - Umazakura: 32.800087, 130.708228