Ikeda Mitsumasa who was a daimyo of the Edo Period and Bizen Okayama took out the violation to which he says “He had a meal with a simple meal.” saying luxury wasn’t made a vassal and national people. So the people who would like to eat delicious food on a special day added fish and vegetables to sushi rice so as not to stand out, and considered the “bara-zushi” which is a treat with a lot of toppings on a day of a festival.

The fish put in “Bara-zushi” and the vegetables are various by a house and an area. Spanish mackerel, Mogai, shrimp seafood, bamboo shoot and burdock are also put in in addition to the conger eel. Fish from Inland Sea of Seto, vegetables and fruit are blessed with a lot of ingredients in Okayama-ken with the gentle climate. “Bara-zushi” is the showy dish for which many locally produced items in Okayama-ken were used.

There are many stores to which “bara-zushi” is offered in Okayama-ken. The history is also old and “Agatsuma-zushi” is also famous for the medium. The business is started in 1912 and sushi in the Edo style is offered to the center. Much is also starting a store in Okayama-ken as well as the main store.

Address: Omotecho 3-11-48, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama (GoogleMap)

Bara Zushi - Azumazushi

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Bara Zushi - Azumazushi 34.656905, 133.929204 Bara Zushi - Azumazushi


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Koraku-en: 34.669614, 133.933906
Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter: 34.595827, 133.771774
Bara Zushi - Azumazushi: 34.656905, 133.929204
Old Shizutani school: 34.796984, 134.218194
Shuraku-en: 35.071728, 134.006097
Saidai-ji: 34.653615, 134.038053
Ushimado Olive Garden: 34.624486, 134.156029
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle: 34.809079, 133.622312