Atsugi Shirokoro hormone is the hormone baking dish which made Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa the center. Without cutting up only soft large intestines, a pig hormone in Atsugi is washed beautifully while putting fat with that moderately while being tubular, and you circulate in the raw state. It’s delivered to a hormone baking shop in the city over the day, and it’s offered to a visitor. It’s the feature that there is resistance to the teeth I overcome soft.

There are many stores to which Shirokoro is offered in Atsugi-shi. Shosuien is also a popular store at the inside. I bake the pig hormone with the outstanding freshness by charcoal and eat by secret sauce. “Shiro (430 yen)” of a basic are also popular as well as the “Shirokoro(660 yen)” with outstanding freshness.

Address: Nakamachi 3-2, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa (GoogleMap)

Atsugi Shirokoro Horumon - Suishoen

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Atsugi Shirokoro Horumon - Suishoen 35.439706, 139.361718 Atsugi Shirokoro Horumon - Suishoen


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Kotoku-in: 35.316700, 139.536154
Yokohama Landmark Tower: 35.454954, 139.631386
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise: 35.336484, 139.644814
Sankei-en: 35.417064, 139.658830
Yokohama Chinatown: 35.442882, 139.645166
Hakone Venetian Glass Museum: 35.266313, 139.017761
Gyoraitei: 35.281270, 139.666151
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse: 35.452116, 139.643269
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Hokoku-ji: 35.319981, 139.569280
Atsugi Shirokoro Horumon - Suishoen: 35.439706, 139.361718
Horai-en: 35.237008, 139.046647
Hakone-jinja Kuzuryu-jinja: 35.204799, 139.025390
Hase-dera: 35.312468, 139.533057
Atsugi ball stadium: 35.449752, 139.366623