Aso Nakadake

Aso Nakadake is one of the mountains where I compose Aso-san in Kumamoto-ken. 1506 meters of altitude. The active eruptive activity is continued.

When I’m going up to a mountain top, the smell of the sulfur gathers. It’s possible to see a crater in about 4 km of about 1 km of north and south and around about 400 m of east and west emitting fumes nearby. When using a ropeway for whether you go up a pay Aso parkway by car, it’s possible to visit a crater imminently.
When a volcanic activity is active, it isn’t brought close to a crater.

Address: Kurokawa Asosan, Aso-shi, Kumamoto (GoogleMap)


Aso Nakadake crater

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Aso Nakadake crater 32.883565, 131.085654 Aso Nakadake crater


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Kumamoto Castle: 32.806186, 130.705833
Aso Nakadake crater: 32.883565, 131.085654
Suizen-ji Joju-en: 32.790794, 130.734982
Aso Cuddly Dominion: 32.931051, 131.066904
Isshingyo no Oozakura: 32.835679, 131.050828
Nabegataki Falls: 33.136644, 131.035527
Taipien - Kouraitei: 32.801662, 130.709074
Ichifusa dam lakeside: 32.321097, 131.013040
Kurokawa Onsen: 33.078057, 131.141719
Basashi - Umazakura: 32.800087, 130.708228