Asahiyama Zoo

Asahikawa-shi Asahiyama zoological park is a zoo in the Japan most north in Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido. An animal produced comfortable space for an animal, and was the technique of “behavior exhibition” to see the ecology I have primarily, and a leap became famous.

The about half over the animal which is being raised is an animal in the north area. A polar bear, Amur leopard and a scops owl are necessary for the animal which succeeded in natural propagation at the culture bottom for the first time in country. “Polar bear house” then, it’s possible to see a bear nearby and it’s possible to peep out from a capsule.

A large number of tourists also visit from foreign countries as well as in Japan. Ueno Zoological Gardens was removed after “seal house” opening to the public in June, 2004 and the best of Japan number of monthly people was recorded. The number of people of fiscal year 2006 was the 2nd place of country following Ueno Zoological Gardens where 3,500,000 visit persons had that beyond 3,000,000 people. Even the world level takes pride in the number of visitors of the dominance.

Address: Higashiasahikawacho Kuranuma, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido (GoogleMap)


“Polar bear house” of a popular spot in Asahiyama-zoo. It’s possible to see hugeness such as the diving in the water of force perfection and the peep capsule which becomes feeling of a seal.

Asahiyama zoological park

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Asahiyama zoological park 43.767233, 142.482228 Asahiyama zoological park


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Asahiyama zoological park: 43.767233, 142.482228
Lake Shikotsu: 42.757024, 141.324571
Otaru Canal: 43.199983, 141.001507
Lake Mashu: 43.580411, 144.533489
Goryokaku Tower: 41.794660, 140.753945
Mongolian mutton barbecue - Sapporo Beer Garden: 43.071403, 141.368953
Panoramic flower garden Shikisainooka: 43.529011, 142.464545
Cape Soya: 45.522904, 141.936592
Former Hokkaido Government Office: 43.063944, 141.347979
Cherry blossoms - Shizunai Nijukken road: 42.386008, 142.422627
Hakodate Asaichi: 41.772548, 140.725388
Odori Park: 43.059811, 141.348105
Sapporo Maruyama Zoo: 43.057286, 141.309464
Matsumae Park: 41.429885, 140.108026
Curry soup - GARAKU: 43.056867, 141.354950
Moerenuma Park: 43.122558, 141.431141
Tokachi Ohashi: 42.936004, 143.201680
Higashimokoto moss pink park: 43.782776, 144.313112