Aonodomon is the tunnel in Nakatsu-shi, Oita Honyabakei-machi. It’s included in scenic spot Yabakei, faces Yamakunigawa River and is located in the hem in Kyoshuho which towers.

I miss the full length pass between the legs soon by about 342 m, a part is about 144 m. The one it’s said that they dug only by a flea and a hammer in around 1750, and which bets and has completed the time of about 30 years. The present cave entrance was changing big from those days, and fundamental reconstruction was performed by the shape near present in 1907. It was a model of Kikuchi Kan’s novel “in the other side of the love and hate”.

Address: Honyabakeimachi Sogi, Nakatsu-shi, Oita (GoogleMap)


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Aonodomon 33.500085, 131.171834 Aonodomon


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Umitamago: 33.258714, 131.535444
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Aonodomon: 33.500085, 131.171834